Testing and Quality Control

The Next Level in Product Testing

Advanced Controls Inc. takes testing and quality control to another level – when you are working with us, you are getting 100% quality, 100% on time. The team at ACI believes our work is not just about the process it is about the total testing and quality control experience. From providing clients with the most appropriate testing equipment to a comfortable lounge and a dedicated workspace within our quality control center, ACI ensures quality assurance is a priority.

Test Your Product With ACI



With various configurations and voltages, we have up to 600 volts of power available. The testing and quality control center at ACI is ready to handle any challenges your systems bring to the table. We can spin motors to simulate any condition or load, giving you the ability to test an unlimited number of scenarios. We also have the ability to test all major manufacturers’ automation equipment. Complete testing for complete satisfaction. That’s the ACI difference.


Working out of someone else’s office while performing a factory acceptance test can be nerve racking. Our dedicated customer lounge provides cubicles, desks, Wi-Fi, phones, printers, large computer screens, conference tables, and everything else you may need for workplace efficiency. But, it’s not just about work. We also provide snacks, a refrigerator, a microwave, and comfortable seating to make sure that you have a chance to relax in the right environment. Find out why people from all over the world continue to come to our space to complete their factory acceptance testing on their projects.


Thanks to technological advances, ACI is able to provide remote factory testing. You no longer have to be physically at our site for us to help you through the testing and quality control process. Eliminate those costly travel expenses and lost time without missing out on quality. Efficiency and cost effectiveness are two standards that you can expect from ACI.


Interested in utilizing a facility that provides all of the workplace efficiencies alongside a comfortable atmosphere to optimize your testing and quality control experience? There’s only one choice. Reach out to the team at ACI to schedule your testing session today.

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