Manufacturing and Assembly

Certified Expertise

There are lots of companies that manufacture automation systems, but there are few with the capabilities and experience of ACI. Our team is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, meaning you are ensured quality when you rely upon our process. We are dedicated to making sure that you receive your system on time, on point, and on budget. When it’s time to move your design from concept to reality, trust ACI for manufacturing and assembly.

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Experience is the key to having a streamlined process, and ACI has refined the manufacturing process through years of dedication to providing quality and excellence to our customers. We can do it all, from mechanical layout, wiring, testing, and quality control. You are never on your own when you entrust your manufacturing process to the team at ACI.



Our team has the pedigree to back up our work. We provide the following certifications to meet your commitment to quality:

  • UL 508A
  • UL 698A
  • UL 121201
  • Class I, Division 2 (HazLoc)
  • CE Certification (European)
  • CSA Certification



At ACI, we are constantly upgrading our equipment to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of the industry. We make sure that we have all of the tools to deliver an efficient process on hand at all times. The following list includes only some of the wide array of equipment and capabilities we maintain to help deliver projects 100% on time, with 100% quality:

  • Automated wire cutting and stripping machines
  • Ferruling machines
  • Custom skid manufacturing
  • Terminal block markers
  • Unique wire labels and markers
  • Hot stamp tube printing
  • Engraved nameplates
  • Murrplastik markers

We have the tools and resources it takes to deliver. Trust your automation system to the team at ACI.



At ACI, we take pride in our focused, detail-oriented shipping and receiving process. We believe in providing the highest level of service in all we do, down to the smallest details. This is why our team takes a rigorous approach to maintaining the quality of our shipping and receiving services. We reconcile every part we receive to ensure there are no errors and personally respond to our vendors and clients as soon as possible. ACI is committed to service and care for each project from start to finish.



From concept and design to installation and follow up, ACI provides a breadth of services and capabilities beyond most automation companies. Contact us today to discuss how ACI can help you create or improve your automation system.

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